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Weng Peijun (Weng Fen) download bio


1961 Born in Hainan
1985 Graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Teacher at Art Collage of Hainan University
Now lives in HaiKou city and Beijing



2007 Galeria Moriarty. Madrid. Spain

2006 Art Statements Gallery. Hong Kong. China
2006 Galerie Urs Meile. Lucern , Switzerland.
2006 Art Strelka. Moscow. Russia

2005 Tang Gallery. Bangkok. Thailand
2005 Guangdong Museum of Art. Guangzhou. China

2003 Marella Arte Contemporanea. Milano, Italia


2007 City Expressions.Tallin Art Hall Gallery. Tallin. Estonia

2006 Between Past and Future. The Victoria and Albert Museum. London England
2006 Hereford Photography Festival. Hereford. UK
2006 Mahjong. Hamburger Kunsthalle. Hamburg. Germany
2006 Metropolitanscape. Palazzo Cavour. Torino. Italy
2006 Haus der Culturen der Welt. Berlin. Germany
2006 Photobiennale 06. Moscow House of Photographyi. Moscow. Russia

2005 Between Past and Future. The Venice Biennale. Venice. Italy
2005 Cultura l´Ombra. Museo di Roma in Trastevere. Roma. Italy
2005 Between Past and Future. Seattle Art Museum. Seattle. USA
2005 Guangzhou Photo Biennial 06. Guangdong Museum of Art. Guangzhou
2005 Wiew Points. Chambers Fine Arts. New York. USA
2005 Die Chinese Photographie un Video. Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg. Wolfsburg. Germany
2005 Between Past and Future. Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. Chicago. USA
2005 Double Vision. Lianzhou Governement. Lianzhou. China
2005 Follow Me. Mori Art Museum. Toyko. Japan
2005 Contemporary Chinese Photography  National Art Museum of China. Beijing. China
2005 Two Asias, Two Europes. Shanghai Doulum Museum of Modern Art. Shanghai. China
2005 Unspeakable Happiness. Museo Tamayo. Mexico
2005 Live in Interesting Time. Open Art Museum. Haifa Israel
2005 A Strange Heaven. City Art Museum. Helsinki. Finland
2005 Mahjong. Kunstmuseum Bern. Bern. Switzerland

2004 Between past and future: International Center Photography, Newark, USA
2004 Posers. Courtyard Gallery, Beijing, China
2004 Me,Me,Me! Courtyard Gallery. Beijing, China
2004 Die Chinesen Fotografie Und Video Aus China. Kunstmuseum, Germany
2004 Chinese bady Marseille, France
2004 “New Chinese Photography” New York International Centre of Photography. New York. USA.
2004 Gods Becoming Men. Frissriras Museum. Athens Greece
2004 Zooming into focus ShangHai art museum ShangHai, China
2004 Chinese Comtemporary Photography. MOCA TaiPei, TaiPei, TaiWan

2003 New Zone-Chinese Art. Zacheta Nation Gallery of Art, Warsaw, Poland
2003 Zooming into Focus. San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego, USA
2003 Open Sky. Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China
2003 From Desires to Where? Tang Gallery. Bangkok , Thailand
2003 Alors, la Chine? Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
2003 China Contemporary Art in  Sweden
2003 Facing Nature Inner Spaces, Poznan, Poland
2003 How Big is the World. Kaohsiung Museum of Ffine Art, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2003 Out Of The Red.  Marella Arte Contemporanea, Milano, Italy
2003 Too Much Flavor. Chambers Fine Art, New York , USA
2003 Junction/Architectural Exhibition Of Chinese Contemporary Lianyyang Architecture Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2003 China in ARCO. Madrid, Spain

2002 The Ffirst GuangZhou Triennial.  GuangDong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China
2002 Shanghai Biennale. Shanghai Art Museum, ShangHai, China
2002 Paris-Beijing. Espace Cardin,Paris, France
2002 Everyday Attitude -- PingYao International Photo Festival. PingYao, China.
2002 New Photography From China. Courtyard Gallery , Beijing, China.
2002 Chinese Modernity. Museu de Arte Brasileira-MAB, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
2002 Too Much Flavor.  3H Art Center, Shanghai, China
2002 How Big is the World. OK Contemporary Art Centre. Linz, Austria.

2001 1ST Chengdu Biennale Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum. Chengdu, China
2001 Virtual Future, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guongzhou, China
2001 L’album De La Famille.  September de la Photo , Galerie Soardi ,Nice. France

2000 China Avant-garde Artists Documents Exhibition Fukuoka Museum Of Art , Japan
2000 Normal and Abnormal , Yuangong Art Gallery ,Shanghai ,China

1999 Post -Sense Sensibility: Alien Bodies & Delusion ,Beijing , China


1, International center of photography, New York, American
2, Hanart TZ gallery, Hong Kong
3, Centre Pompidou Museum National art Modern, Paris, France
4, Arhus Kunstmuseum, Arhus, Denmark
5, Oslo Photo Collage, Oslo, Norway
6, Shang Hai Museum, Shanghai, China
7, Guang Dong Museum, GuangDong, China
8, Dr. Uli Sigg (The ex- Ambassador of Switzerland Embassy ),
9, Guy & Myriam Ullens Foundation, Belgium
10, Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong
11, Mr. Luca Cordero di Mortezemolo, The Owner of Ferrari Company, Italy
12, Haudenschild Collection, American
13, Mr. Antonio Melo, The President & CEO of Makro Asia
14, Mr. Petch Osathanugrah,, Collector, Thailand.
15, Mr. Kittiporn Jalichandra, Collector, Thailand


Backyard, 2006
125 x 160cm
Staring at the lake nš3, 2006
160 x 600cm
Staring at the lake nš4, 2006
160 x 400cm
Staring at the mountain nš2, 2006
125 x 160cm
Staring at the mountain nš4, 2006
160 x 400cm
Staring at the lake nš5, 2006
160 x 200cm
Under the tree, 2006
125 x 160cm
Bird's Eye View - Shanghai 1, 2002
160 x 200cm
Bird's Eye View - Shanghai 2, 2004
160 x 200cm
Sitting on the Wall - Haikou 4, 2004
160 x 200cm