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Barcelona, 1972                                                                   


1998 - 2000                     MA Royal College of art, Painting. London.
1990 -1995                      Degree Facultad de Bellas Artes, Universidad de Barcelona
January- April 1994           Erasmus, École Nationale superièure des Beaux-Arts, Paris.
January- April 1996           Erasmus, Hochschule der Kunste, Berlin.


2004                               International Artist Residency in Kunming. China. Arts Council and                                                        Triangle Trust Fellowship.
2000 - 2001                     Picker Fellowship. Kingston University. London             
1998 - 2000                     BUNDY - T.I. Group Scholar (MA) RCA. London.
1999 (feb)                        Cité Internationale des Arts. Paris
1996 (aug)                       INTERCAMPUS. Universidad Católica del Perú. Lima.
1996 (july)                       QUAM Workshop: "Arquitectura imaginada".
                                     With Jordi Colomer. Montesquiu
1995 (dec)                       QUAM Workshop: "La Mónada Nómada".
                                      With Federico Guzmán. Barcelona.
Dec 1995 - Jan 1996         Workshop QUAM, in Barcelona & Montesquiu with Federico Guzmán
1995 (summer)                "Els tallers de Miró". Fundation Pilar i Joan Miró, Mallorca
1994 - 1995                     Painting Department, University of Barcelona.


Government Art Collection
British Airways Collection
North American Private Collections
English Private Collections
Spanish Private Collections


2006    “Triumph of Painting. Part 6”. Saatchi Gallery. London

2005   “Nice to Meet you”. Mark Moore Gallery. Los Angeles. USA
         “Colour my world”. Riflemaker. London
         Painting: London. Gallery Holly Snapp. Venice. Italy
                                               *JOUABLE. Moriarty gallery. Madrid. Spain.

2004                                      *Playroom. Riflemaker Gallery. London
                                               *New Paintings. Mobile Home Gallery. London
            Coalesce. Palma XII. Barcelona
         John Moores 23. Walker Art Gallery. Liverpool
         “Start Again”. Presentation at Mobile Home of Artist Book funded by Arts Council. London

2003    New British Painting. John Hansard Gallery. Southampton. England
            The Bold & the Beautiful. New Art from London. Carnegie Gallery. HOBART. Australia
         The Bold & the Beautiful. New Art from London. RMIT Gallery. MELBOURNE. Australia.

2002    ArtAid 2002. Bloomberg Space. London
         “England our England”. Carnaby St. London
         More ways of seeing. Blains Fine Art. London
         The Bold & the Beautiful. Mile End Pavilions. London
         Miller Durazo Gallery. Los Angeles. USA
         “Cross Currents”. Raids Project Gallery. L.A. USA

2001    Inside Space.  Selfridges. London
         Stanley Picker Gallery. Kingston. London
         Jerwood Painting Prize. London (catalogue) & Gallery of Modern Art. Glasgow
            * Two Person Show. Recent Work.  And Sigmar Polke: Music of Unknown origin. Milton Keynes             Gallery. Milton Keynes.
         ‘Is it any wonder?’ Palma XII Gallery. Barcelona
          Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2000. Milton Keynes Gallery, Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh and           Cornerhouse , Manchester. (catalogue)    
                                               * Solo Show. “Para un cubo preparado”. Box 23 . Barcelona
         Assembly Project. Jubilee St. London. (catalogue)
         Degree show. RCA Galleries. London (catalogue)

1999    Raw Gallery. London
         AIDS Awareness week. RCA. London
         "Allém da Água". Con Fede Guzmán. MEIAC- Badajoz
         SBC. Smith's Galleries (catalogue). London
                                               *Solo Show.  Área Space.  Barcelona
         "Stop War!", Rijeka Biennale. Croatia
         Galería Manel Mayoral. (catalogue)  Barcelona
         Galerie Gauche. Paris


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Untitled, 2005
170 x 250 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Untitled, 2005
60 x 70 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Untitled, 2004
166 x 211 cm
Acrylic and watercolour on canvas
Untitled, 2004
80 x 265 cm
Acrylic and plastic enamel on canvas
Toptotoe3, 2004
170 x 170 cm
Acrylic on canvas
A to B2, 2005
170 x 170 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Escondida7, 2003
250 x 125 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Escondida, 2003
170 x 170 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Atari, 2002
170 x 170 cm
Acrylic on linen
Scalextric 2
185 x 235 cm
Acrylic on canvas